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Kris Jenner, North West, Kim Kardashian, and Kanye West at the Givenchy show.

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Look what God did 😍☁️


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Street & Luxury at BLVCK-ZOID

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Three men have reportedly been arrested after a brutal crime committed against a woman who beat them in a hip hop rap battle at a house party.

Joey Betrail Garron, 28, Robert Carl Johnson, 23, and Ketorie Glover, 23 all of Columbus, Georgia could not handle losing to a woman in a hip hop rap battle, so they allegedly raped, beat, shot and doused the woman with gasoline setting her on fire before leaving her for dead.

Columbus police reportedly responded to a vacant parking lot where a person was screaming out for help. They found a woman suffering from several gunshot wounds in the vacant lot.

The woman had allegedly engaged in a hip hop rap battle contest outside of a house party on Garden Drive where she was pitted against the alleged men opponents who she apparently defeated and set off anguish.

Apparently the rap battle got heated when one man drew a weapon – a handgun – and forced the 36 year-old victim into her own vehicle as two other men joined.

The woman was taken to the vacant lot where she was found by police at 988 Farr Road, the place where she was allegedly sexually assaulted by all three men, doused with gasoline, set on fire, shot several times and left for dead.

Fortunately, the woman survived her ordeal after being treated for injuries at a local hospital.

The three men have all been arrested and face felony charges of kidnapping, rape, aggravated assault, aggravated sexual battery, aggravated sodomy, arson in the first degree, possession of a firearm, among other charges.

Let them burn in hell

These kids these days are so fuckin’ soft.

You lose a rap battle.. you go home and work on your shit and come back better. You don’t result to violence!! That’s not hip hop. What a bitch move! 

What the fucking hell

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Let me get my hair straight and buy a skin tight dress with some strappy heels (I have that lipstick shade from MAC) and imma fuck it up watch me!!
Black women are so damn magical! She is GORG 😍


Rochelle 💕

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Reposting because , This is exactly what White Logic is.

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